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The VP of wellbeing and security for Peter Pan Bus Lines told NBC 10 News that the driver has been with the organization for over a year. 

"Astounding driver, great security record. An extraordinary representative," said Christopher Crean. "He's alarmed about the subject of and having an extreme time." 

As per security records got by NBC 10 News, Peter Pan had six transport mischances in the previous two years. It puts the Springfield-based organization at an "attractive" rating. 

"Those accidents never foresee preventability. We travel well all through the East Coast," said Crean. 

Subside Pan keeps up its drivers are very much qualified. 

"Our drivers experience a careful preparing program, anywhere in the range of six to eight weeks, and they experience a significant verifying procedure before getting in the driver's seat," said Crean. 

Yet, police are addressing what the driver was doing in the driver's seat, just before Michelle Cagnon, 30, of Cumberland, was hit and executed. 

"We're researching, and part of that examination is conversing with the driver, getting what happened. What he saw, what he didn't see," said Steven Pare, Providence open security commission. 

The mishap Wednesday helped spectators to remember the numerous transport mischances including walkers around the state. In May 2014, a court officer was murdered in a similar range by an approaching RIPTA transport. 

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"You got the opportunity to be watchful intersection the road here, in light of the fact that occasionally they move too quick, and look what happened," said one transport rider. 

A study two years back recognized concerns, taking note of there were 23 person on foot or bicyclist mischances over a five-and-a-half-year time frame. Be that as it may, after the Kennedy Plaza remodels, numerous in the region said they haven't felt the distinction. 

"Feels the same. Regardless you have every one of these transports crossing forward and backward and individuals crossing the road," a transport rider said. 

Transport riders are reminded to be additional watchful. 

"It's excessively congested down here for people on foot. The way they move the transport frameworks, where you really need to get a transport now. I believe it's sort of crazy myself," said a transport rider.


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